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The Ambassador Program

The ambassador program is a many week program to help people learn pertinent skills regarding HNP and their everyday life all through scheduled workshops. It is a chance to learn more about what each team in HNP does and an opportunity to learn about skills that can help in your everyday life.


The Workshops

Every other Sunday, execs meet to learn about valuable skills, that can help them in school, the work place, and other aspects of life. Sometimes there are even guest speakers! The workshops range from the following:

Basic Skills

- Interview Skills

- Building a Resume

- Putting on an Event

Mental health

- Mental Health Workshops

- Time Management


- Applying to University

- Test Preparation

- Navigating First Year of Secondary Education


- Leading a Team Meeting

- Starting a Successful Hiring Campaign

- Public Speaking

The Ambassador Program Winners

Out of our 14 attendants, these are our top 3 winners. Congratulations!

9FA34960-D1A3-479A-81DD-476033726B8B - HNP Ontario.jpg

Junbeen Yang

IMG_4014 - Eris Giang.HEIC

Eris Giang

B5E1E861-F25C-4A73-90D4-7756996E9CC6_1_201_a - HNP Ontario.jpeg

Helia Sayadnasab

Testimonials from our Team

HNP has helped me develop my leadership skills, technological skills and social skills in a matter of months. HNP is more than an organization, it’s a community where learning is the number 1 priority.

The HNP community is so supportive and inclusive, it's definitely been one of the highlights of my weeks from ever since I've joined. The events that we run are always so incredibly rewarding, and I love connecting with other like-minded peers, and in general, you just meet so many unique perspectives on this team! I would highly recommend that anyone who's interested in seeing change in action to apply!

My favourite part about HNP is the opportunities it provides me to grow and learn new things. I learn skills, insights, and more about our environment almost every week! If you enjoy being around nature and giving back to the community I highly recommend joining HNP.

HNP has helped me develop my leadership skills, time management skills, and has helped me establish new friendships. By joining HNP, one takes action against climate change instead of waiting for the change to happen. Furthermore, HNP's ambassador workshops can help anyone get the skills they need for post-secondary; the workshops are fit for your needs, such as writing resumes, public speaking, and planning events.

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