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Ambassador Team

Draft potential sponsorship & partnership emails for the executive team to review.
Help with the recruitment of volunteers and attendees for all our events.
Represent and support HNP Ontario on all social media platforms.
Conduct research on current and ongoing environmental crises around the globe to write articles on them.


 Meet our amazing team of ambassadors who make the magic happen at HNP Ontario!

 Our ambassadors are KEY to the growth of our organization. Hover over the pictures below to read each of our ambassador's biography!  


Jacklynn cheng.jpg

Hello! My name is Jacklynn and I am a grade 10 student at Milliken Mills High School. I joined HNP because I wanted to take action and positively impact the environment and spread awareness. I like to swim, skate, play badminton and volleyball and in my free time, I would read, listen to music, and hang out with friends.

Emily Yuan .jpg

Hey! My name is Emily Yuan and I am a pre-IB grade 10 student at Alexander Mackenzie High School. In my free time, I enjoy playing piano and violin, baking, reading and spending time with friends and family. I decided to join HNP because it is an amazing opportunity for youth to learn to make a difference in the environment, and I have always been passionate about climate change advocacy. After all, if we, youth, do not learn and educate others to care for the Earth, we will grow up living in a polluted and catastrophic world, making the same mistakes as our ancestors. I'm so excited to be part of this impactful organization!


I joined HNP to learn more about the environment and make a positive impact.

Jacklynn Cheng

Emily Yuan

Amanda Liu

hnp logo no background.png

Hi! I'm Diana and I'm in grade 10. Some of my hobbies are reading, listening to music, and hiking. I joined HNP to raise awareness about environmental issues, such as climate change, and help preserve and protect the environment. I'm so excited to be on the team!

Diana He

hnp logo no background.png

My name is Faria. I am 15 years old and a high school student. I decided to join HNP because as it is obvious in the modern world with population growth and natural causes, there are lots of environmental issues that need to be addressed constantly to society. I wanted to advocate for these environmental issues through my personal creative ways. To specify, I also joined this program because I felt that it is a very well funded program that has continued for a while, and I can seek opportunities to be able to speak with like-minded people virtually.

Faria Chowdhury

hnp logo no background.png

Hello Everyone! My name is Diana, I am currently a grade 12 student at HNSS, and I am delighted to be a member of HNP Ontario! In my free time, I love reading novels, spending time with family and friends, photography, and ice skating. I decided to become a member of this organization as I am dedicated to raising awareness about environmental issues that we are struggling with, and I am also passionate about meeting like-minded individuals that are striving for positive changes within their communities. I am looking forward to endeavouring effective environmental changes within this organization!

Diana Rahmani

hnp logo no background.png

Hi! I'm Grace, a very passionate grade 9 student who loves advocating for environmental awareness. In my free time, I love volunteering and helping out my community, as well as being a part of various clubs at my school. I also love to read and draw. Overall, I hope HNP will allow me to contribute more to environmental awareness and climate action!

Grace Shen

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