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November 2021

Carbon Footprint Challenge


In November 2021, HNP Ontario hosted a carbon footprint challenge where participants were challenged to reduce their total carbon footprint over a span of three weeks for a chance to win prizes.

What is Carbon Footprint?

A carbon footprint represents the mark one leaves on their environment. A carbon footprint is essentially the total amount of carbon dioxide gas and other greenhouse emissions that a group or an individual's daily action releases. In other words, a carbon footprints tracks the amount of energy one uses and identifies emissions so that these can be reduced. Reducing carbon footprints is important to decrease the amount of total greenhouse gases trapped in the Earth's atmosphere, that lead to an increase in the Earth's temperature. Each individual has a carbon footprint based on their lifestyle choices, such as the amount of meat they consume or the number of fossil fuels they use regularly.

In conclusion, an individual's carbon footprint is the amount of carbon they contribute to the environment. A lower carbon footprint signifies a safe environment, whereas, a higher carbon footprint indicates that an individual's actions and choices are warming up the Earth.

What is considered a "good" carbon footprint?

Some of the biggest contributors to carbon footprints include the following: food (particularly meat), transportation, production, consumption of fossil fuels, manufactured goods, and household energy. Meat or any animal-derived product is a particularly big issue, as livestock are responsible for a lot of greenhouse gas emissions. An acceptable carbon footprint is every country’s goal to achieve, and as responsible global citizens, one should be concerned. To increase the possibility of reducing the overall global temperature to 2 degrees Celsius, each individual's carbon footprint needs to be lower than 2 tons by 2050. Currently, the average Canadian's carbon footprint is 15.41 tons. 

  • Limit meat consumption. 

  • Consume local and seasonal products. 

  • Select from sustainable fishing. 

  • Avoid buying more than you need.

  • More reliance on public transportation. 

  • Limit/recycle your waste.

  • Turn off the lights if you leave the room.

  • Reduce the fuel you consume in transport.

  • Switch to LED light bulbs.

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How can you   reduce your  carbon footprint?

Winners and Prizes!




​From Loop Missions:

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From Province Apothecary:

3 eucalyptus hand cleansers

From Basil Box:

3 $5 gift cards




From Panago Pizza:

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From Province Apothecary:

1 eucalyptus hand cleanser

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From Panago Pizza:

Gift Coupon for 2 medium pizzas, 2 salads, and 2L of pop

From Basil Box:

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