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Carbon Reduction Challenge 2024

Thank you for taking part in HNP Ontario's action towards net-zero! 

This challenge will asked you to self-reflect on your day-to-day lives and encouraged you to reduce your carbon footprint over almost a one-week period in an effort to protect the environment collectively. 

Registration Steps

1.  Fill out the registration google form linked at the right top! 

2. Create an account at 


3. Hit "Find Group" and search "HNP Ontario: Carbon Reduction Challenge 2024" 





5. Start Logging your action !! 

Screenshot 2024-06-12 at 7.43.39 PM.png

Earn up to 10 Volunteer hours! 

Based on items logged, participants earned up to 10 volunteer hours

Enter your chance of winning $20 giftcard from eco brand of your choice

Top 5 participants with most amount of action items/carbon saved won the gift card

Fun (sad) fact!

Canada is one of the top emitters of greenhouse gasses globally, will emissions primarily coming from the energy secretary, industry and transportation (Government of Canada, 2020)

7 ways to reduce carbon emission

Plant-based Eating

Avoid single-use plastic

Sustainable Transportation



Plant a garden or a tree

Avoid fast fashion

Wash in cold water

Volunteer Hours Criteria

If you logged 5 Action items , you recieved 3 volunteer hours. 

If you logged 8 Action items , you recieved 5 volunteer hours. 

If you logged 12 Action items , you recieved 8 volunteer hours. 

If you logged 15 Action items , you recieved 10 volunteer hours. 

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