Eco - Career Webinar Series

an HNP + CYACT Collaboration

Here at HNP and CYCAT, we believe that instead of trying to compete for each other's demographics on social media. We should work together. Especially since our organizations are trying to achieve the same goals: fight for climate action. 
Which is why HNP and CYCAT started meeting up, putting our heads together. And thought that it would be beneficial to everyone if by working together, we can host an event to further educate our inspiring youth population by hosting a seminar event on the intersectionalities of environmental issues and indigenous rights. 
For example, here in Canada, more than half of all indigenous communities are put on boil-water advisories because their water is unclean and unsafe to drink - this is a direct violation of the human right code #4 of Clean Water and Sanitation from the World Health Organization (WHO)!
By working together, we believe that we can maximize our impact and outreach.

What is the YIV Panel?

An international team of youth-led climate organizations, headed by Canadian Youth Climate Action Team and HNP Ontario, is organizing an exciting speaker event on March 27, at 5:30pm.


The panel will consist of three incredible young female Indigenous rights and climate activists, and all attendees will receive service hours for their time watching the panel.

What is its Purpose?

The goal of the event is for passionate students to be educated directly by Indigenous people and fellow students so that they can act on their passion.

The even also serves to uplift Indigenous Voices whose involvement is often overlooked in environmental discussions