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Sprout Ideas Fellowship

The Sprout Ideas Fellowship is supporting over 100 participants to be part of a movement of youth-led community impact.


The Sprout Ideas Fellowship aims to support over 100 youth from across Canada in implementing their own community impact projects. They have a history of successful programs


We would like to extend our deepest gratitude and heartfelt appreciation for your invaluable support in kickstarting our fellowship aimed at assisting Indigenous communities in tackling pressing environmental challenges. Your generous seed funding has allowed us to embark on this transformative journey and make a tangible difference in the lives of these marginalized communities.

With the support of Sprouts -a dedicated organization empowering youth-led initiatives- HNP Ontario will be hosting the Environmental Youth for Indigenous Advocacy Fellowship! The Environmental Youth for Indigenous Advocacy Fellowship is an inspiring initiative designed to empower young individuals with the necessary knowledge and abilities to bring about real and meaningful change in the lives of Indigenous people and communities in Canada. This transformative program combines mentorship and educational opportunities to educate and inform participants aged 15-20 about the environmental challenges Canadian Indigenous communities face, with a specific focus on their physical and mental well-being. With this understanding, youth are encouraged to cultivate innovative and sustainable policy proposals, positioning themselves as influential advocates for positive transformations in Indigenous health and the natural environment.
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