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HNP Ontario strives to educate Ontarians regarding pressing environmental issues, to prompt more sustainable development.

We are a federally registered non-profit 


Our Vision is to drive environmental change, help spread awareness on many issues revolving around climate change, and speak about environmental advocacy.We plan to further expand our team, and check out all the executive members on our team page!


In the future, we would like to become an international organization, that will educate our community, and nation on the consequences of inadequate climate action.  In the near future, we plan on hosting more events, and international coalitions with other youth-led environmental organizations as well as collaborating with internationally-recognized sponsors, who will be able to help us lead larger events for the youth of tomorrow. 


Founded in January 2021 by 3 students, Srija Das, Theo Liu, and Muhammad Ansar, HNP Ontario now has a growing amount of over 30 executive members. You can check out all of our unique executive members and why they joined HNP on our team page!

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