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March 2022

Youth Indigenous Voices Panel

An HNP + CYCAT Collaboration
(Human Nature Projects + Canadian Youth Climate Action Team)

On March 27th, an international team of youth-led climate organizations, headed by Human Nature Projects (HNP) Ontario and Canadian Youth Climate Action Team (CYCAT) held an exciting speaker event focusing on the intersectionalities of environmental issues and indigenous rights. This is because more than half of all indigenous communities in Canada are put on boil-water advisories as their water is unclean and unsafe to drink, which is a direct violation of the human right code #4 of Clean Water and Sanitation from the World Health Organization (WHO). 


This youth indigenous voices panel consisted of three young female Indigenous rights and climate activists who spoke on the importance of uplifting Indigenous Voices since their involvement is often overlooked in environmental discussions. With over 100 volunteers in attendance from around the globe, students passionate about environmental activism and advocacy were directly educated by fellow Indigenous students so that they can act on their passion.

Meet our Guest Speakers!


Jesslynn Friday

Jesslynn Friday (she/her) is a Grade 12 Indigenous Student Trustee for the Lakehead District School Board located in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Jesslynn is originally from Seine River First Nation, Ontario, and is of Anishinaabe heritage. She is passionate about Indigenous activism, visual arts, and learning from people in all walks of life.

Kya Steinbach-Parker

Kya Steinbach-Parker (she/her) is a 16 year old Mi’kmaq/Sececa woman from the Niagara region. She enjoys doing Indigenous advocacy work within her school, school board, and community. she also enjoys acting, journalling, painting and singing!

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Anellah Orosz.png

 Anellah Orosz

Anellah Orosz is 17 years old and is a member of the Youth Advisory Committee for Caldwell First Nation. Protecting the environment by staying devoted to a sustainable future is very important to Anellah who believes all life deserves a place in the Earth’s future.

Our Partners!

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