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Topham Pond Invasive Species Removal

June 2024 in Collaboration with Toronto Nature Stewards

Invasive species are non-native organisms that have been introduced often due to human activities in an environment they do not naturally belong to. These species can significantly disrupt local ecosystems by outcompeting native species for resources, spreading diseases, or causing habitat degradation. Due to their potential to cause severe ecological damage, removing invasive species as soon as possible is crucial.

Situated in the southeast corner of Eglinton Flats, Topham Pond serves as an important natural habitat for a variety of native species including fish, birds, and amphibians. Managed by the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) and the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR), the pond was designed to capture filtered rainwater and maintain ecological balance. The surrounding bowl-shaped park, with its diverse tree cover and habitats, has been a key area for conservation efforts such as cleanups, tree planting, and wildlife support. Removing invasive species from this area not only helps protect and enhance the biodiversity but also supports the ongoing conservation initiatives aimed at preserving this vital ecosystem.

On June 15th, 2024, HNP Ontario hosted an invasive species removal event at Topham Pond. Volunteers, HNP Executives, and Lead Stewards from Toronto Nature Stewards worked together to successfully remove four different types of invasive species. The event, which ran from 10:00 AM to 1:30 PM, was a rewarding experience for everyone involved. 

Event Details

         Saturday, June 15th, 2024 

         10:00 AM - 1:30 PM

         Topham Pond (3601                       Eglinton Avenue West,                 M6M 1V7)


10:00 AM - 10:30 AM

-> Sign-In + Welcome

10:30 AM - 10:45 AM

-> Safety Instructions

10:45 AM - 12:15 AM

-> Invasive Species Removal

12:15 AM - 1:00 PM

-> Lunch Break

1:00 PM - 1:30 PM

-> Volunteer Hours Sign-Off

4 Invasive Species Removed!

Garlic Mustard

Common Burdock

Dog-Strangling Vine


Photos of the Event


Our Partner: Toronto Nature Stewards

Toronto Nature Stewards (TNS) is a non-profit organisation that runs stewardship programs on public land in ravines and natural areas approved by the City of Toronto. Their stewards commit to a site for multiple years, and ensure it's ecological restoration by picking up litter, monitoring environmental impacts, removing invasive species, and planting native ones. 

What is a...

Steward - A person volunteering to protect, restore, monitor, or manage a natural area under the direction of a Lead Steward.

Lead Steward - A person who has completed the TNS Lead Steward training program and who can lead groups of volunteer Stewards in pre-authorized activities, at approved sites on public land, without City of Toronto supervision.

Thank you to our lead stewards!

Screenshot 2024-06-09 at 12.52.50 PM.png

My name is Lidija Nikolic and I am a resident of Mount Dennis neighbourhood of Toronto. I am a Lead Steward with Toronto Nature Stewards and I help regularly with weeding and leading new members to help rid Topham Pond of invasive plant species. I take great pride in all Toronto parks and want to work towards allowing native flowers, bushes and trees to flourish in our parks. A big part of my work is educating others on identifying invasive plants and how to help weed them out in order to give light and air to native plants so they may thrive. I am honoured that Events HNP has agreed to collaborate with Toronto Nature Stewards at Topham Pond to weed out invasive plants.

Lidija Nikolic

Screenshot 2024-06-09 at 12.53.46 PM.png

Hello! I'm Linda Gonzalez and I am a resident of Keelesdale neighbourhood of Toronto. I am a professional gardener by day and an enthusiastic invasive species remover by night. Happy to serve as a Lead Steward at Topham Pond and collaborate with Event HNP next Saturday.

Linda Gonzalez

Thank you to our sponsor!


Maker Pizza was very generous to provide us with 10 large pizzas for lunch. Thank you so much!

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