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Interested in environmental advocacy? Interested in learning more about the impacts of climate change? Interested in gaining leadership and teamwork skills? Look no further! We want YOU on our team! Join our team as either an executive member or an ambassador using the links below! You can also support us by sponsoring one of our upcoming events or partnering with us!


Explore our wide variety of executive positions and play a more active role in our organization, catered to your interests and strengths. You can also accumulate volunteer hours through this.


Create a partnership with HNP Ontario so that we can collaborate on various events and initiatives throughout the year together. By partnering with HNP Ontario, we can combine our efforts and resources to target a bigger audience for our community initiatives in order to extend our reach.


Become an official sponsor for HNP Ontario, by donating small monetary values or providing some free products for us to use as prizes at our online and in-person events (eg: community cleanups, virtual webinars). With this, your brand logo will be featured on this website and HNP events as an official sponsor.

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