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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What kind of events can we hold for each streams ?

Earth Day Competition allows you to use your creativity to organize any events you want, as long as it falls under the category of each streams. Therefore the examples below are just few suggestions. 

In Community Events stream, you can organize events such as community clean ups, tree planting or invasive species removals.

Pledge To Go Green participants can open an educational booths and hand out brochures, do daily morning announcements to educate the school/local population. The goal should be getting school population to 'pledge'. 

Participants of the CO2 Reduction Challenge will log their actions to reduce carbon emission to Commit2Act app. 

Q. Can the same school compete in more than one stream?

YES they can!

As long as only one group is representing one school in all the streams they take part in. You can even create one big event that goes through multiple streams to maximize the impact.

Q. What is the cost to compete ?

It is free to compete in 2024 Earth Day Competition. All you need is to be a high school student in Ontario with access to zoom and emails. Keep in mind your group must be student led in order to participate.

Q. Can university groups participate? 

This year's competition is designed and available solely for Ontario High School and middle students. It is not open to universities and or university students.

Q. When and how many zoom calls will there be? 

There will be minimum of two zoom calls: orientation & information session and awards ceremony. 
Orientation on April 11th to 12th where you will be introduced to the competition and be given details on how the competition will run. Award Ceremony will take place on May 11th, where winners will be announced in each stream. 

Extra calls with HNP team can be arranged upon request of participants for support needs and inquiries.

Q. Is there a limit of number of participants per school? 

There is no maximum number of organizers as long as everyone actively takes part in organization of the event and only one group is representing their school.

Q. How is the winner determined? 

Winners are determined based on the impact report provided by participating schools. We will focus on on objective recorded data to ensure fairness of the competition. 

The Earth Is What We All Have In Common.
- Wendell Berry, Novelist

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