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October 2022 Cleanup

Samuel Connor Pond  

Thank you so much to the 250+ volunteers who signed up for our community cleanup at Samuel Connor Pond! This event was a huge success and lots of fun. A huge thank-you goes out to 786 Pizza, who sponsored pizza as lunch for our event. As well, thank you to Councillor Santos who supported us and made the event possible - we hope to work with you on future events in Brampton! 

HNP Ontario executive team received $870 in funding from Canada Post for this event

About the Cleanup

HNP Ontario recently hosted a cleanup at Samuel Conner Pond where we helped out our ecosystems by removing waste.​

It is important to keep the environment clean because reducing waste will not only protect the environment but will also save on costs or reduce expenses for disposal. Moreover, if waste is not removed, it can produce toxins that can harm the environment, ultimately leading to poor health in plants, animals, and humans.


HNP Ontario hosted the October cleanup to accomplish the goal of preventing this types of potential environmental issues. By participating in the cleanup, volunteers can not only earn up to six volunteer hours, but also gain insight on the effects of harmful environmental toxins and chemicals in the air due to improper waste disposal that end up in ponds, lakes, and rivers.

Interesting Facts About The Samuel Connor Pond

It is a fishing pond with a variety of birds living around the area (depending on the season):

            - American Goldfinch​

            - Blue Jays

            - Downy Woodpecker

            - Black-capped Chickadees


There have been constant efforts by the community to try and restore the pond; the latest cleanup was on July 24.

With our October 16th cleanup, HNP Ontario aims to clean and restore the pond's ecosystem to conserve wildlife and prevent biodiversity loss.

Why Should You Attend?

  • Chance to win amazing prizes!

  • Help restore local habitats and earn up to 6 volunteer hours!

  • Support local nonprofits and environmental initiatives. 

  • Make a direct positive impact on Samuel Connor Pond's ecosystem.

  • Learn about and adopt sustainable disposal practices.

  • Enjoy the amazing Spring weather by being outdoors.

  • Awesome opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and to make new friendships!

  • Gain real-world leadership, teamwork and communication skills in a safe and positive environment!

  • Feel good about yourself for making a positive impact within the local community, while having fun.

  • Give back to your community!

Importance of Community Cleanups

 Three ways we can help:

  • An Estimated one tonne of waste is produced per person every year in Ontario.

  • Approximately 10,000 tonnes of plastic ends up in Ontario’s lakes and rivers yearly.

  • Ontario’s solid waste emitted 3.4 million tonnes of carbon dioxide which furthers global warming.

  • More microplastics are being found in many strips in the Great Lakes than in oceans

    • Microplastics are then transferred from aquatic animals to humans.

  1. Learn real-world skills along with like-minded individuals.

  2. Take part in a great networking opportunity.

  3. Help restore local habitats.

  4. Support local nonprofits and environmental initiatives.

Source: Government of Ontario. (2020, May 12). Act on Litter |


As a reward for your volunteer efforts, here are some potential prizes supporting eco-friendly businesses that all participants are eligible to win!

  • 1x $155 Rayne Mini Bag from La Leur

  • 1x $100 gift card from Wanderruff

  • 1x $50 gift card from Mermaid Straw

  • 1x $50 gift card from allBambu

  • 15x 20% coupons from Brave Soles

  • 5 food coupons from McDonalds


Thank You to our Sponsors!

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La Leur


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Brave Soles

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786 Pizza and Wings

mermaid straw logo.png

McDonalds Canada

Mermaid Straw

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