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Support Human Nature Projects Ontario with your donations so that we can continue to host more meaningful and high-impact events and initiatives in our communities to promote climate action and sustainable development. Any amounts are greatly appreciated! 

Human Nature Projects (HNP) Ontario is a federally incorporated, student led non-profit organization located in the Greater Toronto Region (GTA) focused on climate action, activism and advocacy both locally and globally. Our organization hopes to raise funds to bring more engaging and purposeful initiatives to the local GTA community such as virtual webinars on sustainable development, community cleanups, eco-career seminars, tree planting and invasive species pull events. If interested in making a donation, please fill out the form above or donate using Paypal. You can contact us at for further information. 


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Why Donate to HNP?

HNP Ontario has made following environmental impacts through various events up to date listed below (April 2024):

Apr 2024 Earth Day Competition

  • Competition targeting middle/high schools across the Ontario

Mar 2024: Liberal Arts Competition​ "


Nov 2023 Public Workshop series 

  • over 90 participants in two hours of interactive workshops about greenbelt and urban sprawls

Oct 2023 Rouge Park Community Clean-up

  • Organized in a collaboration with EcoSparks

  • Cleaned up 3 entire trails of Rouge park

Oct 2023 Tree planting at Chris Gibson Park 

  • Organized in a collaboration with Credit Valley Conservation 

  • Planted total of 100 trees with 42 participants 

Sept 2023 Navigating Eco-Anxiety Panel

Aug 2023 Youth Environmental Advocacy Fellowship

  • Received 185+ application and had 75+ participants

  • Entails 13 interviews of indigenous communities and 10 workshops 

Jun 2023 Invasive Species Removals 

  • Organized in a collaboration with Toronto Nature Stewerds and Credit Valley Conservation 

  • Collected over 25 bags of invasive species debries with over 120 participants

Apr 2023 Centennial Park Cleanup

  • Recruited over 150 volunteers and picked up over 15 bags of trashes

  • Offered over $400 in prizes for participants through sponsorship

Feb 2023 Battery Drive Challenge:

  • individuals were taught about adequate waste disposal practices for batteries. 

Screen Shot 2022-10-20 at 2.09.30 PM.png

Nov 2022 Liberal Arts Competition "Greenwashing in Corporations"

  • Received 45+ essay, poem and virtual arts submissions.

Oct 2022 Samuel Connor Pond Cleanup

  • a total of 250+ volunteers and over 30 bags of garbage was collected

  • $350+ in sponsorship prizes

Jul 2022 Eco-Career Webinar

  • 120+ signups and $170+ in sponsorship prizes

  • three amazing guest speakers in careers such as marine biologist, entrepreneur and youth Leadership Specialist for Canadian Wildlife Federation

Jun 2022 Invasive Species Pull Event

  • total of 70+ volunteers in collaboration with Toronto Nature Stewards (TNS)

Apr 2022 High Park Cleanup

  • total of 170+ volunteers and $750+ in sponsorship prizes

  • over 80 bags of garbage were collected

Mar 2022 Youth Indigenous Voices Panel

  • total of 100+ attendees and three guest speakers 

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