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Youth Environmental Advocacy Fellowship

Coming Soon: Summer 2023

The Youth Environmental Advocacy Fellowship is a program developed by Human Nature Projects focusing on the disparities in the health of Canadian Indigenous communities and how these disparities can be caused/exacerbated by environmental issues due to inadequate/lack of policy or governmental action. 


The fellowship will include four days of in-person programming in the month of August where students will learn about health and environmental issues of indigenous communities and have the opportunity to produce two deliverables: an article and a presentation to expert judges and community members. 

Through this fellowship, participants will:

  • Learn how to critique scientific research articles and present their findings to both scientific and lay audiences.

  • Work in a group to improve soft skills such as public speaking, communication, teamwork, time management and problem solving.

  • Think critically to propose a novel idea/solution to an ongoing environmental issue within a Canadian Indigenous community.

  • Learn how to formally pitch a proposal to a panel of judges in multiple creative ways (ie: through report writing, presentation, poster).

Why is it Important?

Aside from helping students develop valuable knowledge and research and presentation skills, this fellowship is crafted to uplift indigenous voices that are often muffled in environmental discussions. Human Nature Projects Ontario aims to empower our community to help recognize and solve such problems faced by indigenous communities. The fellowship is one of its kind, being the only youth initiative in the GTA advancing education and advocacy regarding health, environmental issues, and sustainable policy development.

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