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Who's involved (sprouts)

Fellowship Director


My name is Muhammad Ansar and I am will be entering my final year of my undergraduate degree in September 2023 where I am pursuing a Honors Bachelors in Life Sciences, with a double major in neuroscience and psychology, and a minor in anthropology. I am the co-founder and co-executive director of Human Nature Projects (HNP) Ontario and will be spearheading our 2023 Youth Environmental Advocacy Fellowship this summer in collaboration with my amazing HNP executive team. I am very passionate about environmental and health advocacy and the idea for this fellowship was conceptualized by combining these two passions together. I am looking forward to seeing this program come to life with the mentorship from Indigenous community members and professors. In my free time, I love reading books, cooking, and going on walks.

Muhammad Ansar
Who's involved (sprouts)

Fellowship Coordinators

Neelaksha_Srisangar_HNP - Neelaksha Srisangar.jpg
Neelaksha Srisangar
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Helia Sayadnasab
Srija Das - Headshot.JPG
Srija Das
Uyanda-Final-1 - Uyanda M.jpg
Uyanda Mntambo
Kiyan UPDATED Headshot.jpg
Kiyan Sajadi
Shouvik Bhadra
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Junbeen Yang
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Sierra Yoo
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Abtin Zaker
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Danya Shafi
Who's involved (sprouts)

Team Members

Suma Dendi

Cindy Zhu
Aditi Chaturvedi

Adrien Ravindran

Arianna Yue

Arundhati Roy

Chung Wah Kwan (Jason)

Emily Yuan

Husayn Jaffer

Kelly Li

Kyla Zhang
Tarani Esparam
Sadra Ghaderpanah

Sanaa Poonawala

Shrilekha Venkat

Stephen Antonios

Tara Razaei Zare

Ridah Afshal

William Lee

Tommy He

Faith Lee

Huda Kashif

Kylie Ratnayake

Likhitha Koppula

Nabeelah Zaman

Vishurdeey Sivakumar

Puneet Khaira

Pouria Ameryoun

Rachel Gao

Sam Song

Sherry Sun

Tanisha Patel

Tina Akhavan

Tracy Lin

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