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Rachel Harrylal

Most Encouraging Award

Hi my name is Rachel Harrylal and I am a canadian currently residing in Whitby, Ontario. I'm 15 years old and currently attending Anderson CVI. I enjoy spending time with nature, family and playing different sports. However, Track and Field is my all time favourite sport where I mostly do short distance running events. I find it exciting to learn new things, lots knowledge existing around the world and still so much yet to learn. Thanks HNP Ontario for this acknowledgement and amazing opportunity.


Onuh George Ugbeda

Most Welcoming Award

Onuh George Ugbeda is a charismatic  leader with potential and the drive to effect change. He was offered admission into Summer 2022 Youth Leaders Programme (YLP) together with a YLP Scholarship out of a competitive pool of applicants from over 50 countries worldwide, after a detailed evaluation. During the YLP, he was awarded "the connector award." He was shortlisted as a Candidate for the #UPGSustainability Leadership Class of 2023 from over 7,400 applicants worldwide. Onuh holds a BACHELORS degree in Chemistry, and is knowledgeable in the use MS-word, MS-Excel, MS-Powerpoint, CorelDraw, Photoshop, Web development, Power BI, Tableau and SPSS. He has a long list of professional certifications and courses completed: Cyber security(CISCO), Cloud computing, CCSK (CISCO), IOT Security (CISCO), Google Digital Skills for Africa, KAPPA Film and Television Academy, Mental Health (WHO), Script writing/Art Business & Entrepreneurship (TAFTA), Transforming Nigerian Youths Program; Jobberman softskills training; Effective Leadership (HP foundation); Business Communication (HP foundation), Design Thinking (HP foundation), Presenting Data (HP foundation), Strategic Planning (HP foundation); McKinsey & Company; Sustainable development Goals (SDSN); Hazard Identification (HAZID); Health, Safety and Environment; International Project Management Professionals, Project Management (COUSERA); and Diploma in Computer Applications. In 2022, he became a champion of the 2022 SDGs Advocate Programme. He has volunteered for Junior Achievement Nigeria (JAN), under the Cha-Ching program and Regional Company of the Year (RCOY) Competition. Onuh George Ugbeda is change agent who is proactive in the use of leadership tools, models and diversity of thoughts, to change his world in positive ways. 


Kimberly Nguyen

Most Attentive Award

Hello, everyone! My name is Kimberly and I am an 18 year old Vietnamese girl. I can speak three languages, English, Vietnamese, and French. I enjoy learning new languages and listening to music. I am planning on going into the business program, while minoring in French. As a student who was supposed to be entering university this year, I decided to take a gap year and improve myself. I hope to become a better version of myself by the end of the year before I enter university. Taking this time to myself, I will prioritise self-care and balance in life. 


Noah Check

Early Bird Award

Hey, my names Noah Check I use he/him pronouns and I’m a trans bisexual activist. I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia and in my spare time, when I have, it I love to draw and read queer romance books. I’m interested in pursuing a career in visual arts and psychology in my future. If I chose art, my goal is to make art that makes systemic issues digestible to the younger generation. If I pursue psychology, I plan on becoming a psychologist working with BIPOC queer youth providing them the informed care I never got. I applied to this fellowship because I wanted to build something that’s going to out live me. This fellowship was a unique experience to tackle environmental racism by listening from the community who are directly affected by it! I’ve dreamt of an opportunity like this and I’m so thankful that the Human Nature Projects Ontario provided me with on. 


Alisha Ali

Overall Contribution Award

Hey there! I'm Alisha, a Grade 12 student who’s driven to making a positive impact. Having grown up as the oldest child of first-generation immigrants, I've come to appreciate the importance of cultural sensitivity in healthcare and various societal dimensions. Hence, I decided to participate in the Youth Environmental Advocacy Fellowship Program where I delved deeply into the intersection of environmental impacts on Indigenous health. This opportunity not only deepened my knowledge but also enabled me to establish connections with like-minded peers. With a more profound understanding of these relevant issues, I am better equipped to take informed action, to strengthen our ties with the community, protect the
environment, and enhance culturally sensitive healthcare practices.

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