Lisa Chen, Marine Biologist!

Eco - Career Panel

On July 24th, HNP held our second Eco-Career Panel, where we invited three guest speakers working in the environmental industry to share their experiences, their academic & career journeys and the various lessons % strategies they have learned throughout their careers. The event was a huge success, with over 80 people who joined! The attendants got the chance to ask professionals about the environmental industry, discovered new and innovative career opportunities, and earned up to 3 volunteer hours all from home.


Lisa Chen

Having worked as a marine biologist and educator around the world, Lisa is extremely passionate about ocean conservation and education. She is an avid reader, world traveller, gardener, and photographer, who enjoys a warm cup of tea. Lisa recently completed a Master of Marine Management degree at Dalhousie University with a research project focusing on creating an ocean literacy framework to guide future ocean education initiatives and create an ocean literate community.

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Marine Biology

This research was inspired by her experience with the Canadian Conservation Corps, which taught her the importance of experiential learning in inspiring conservation efforts. She is the Founder and CEO of the Let's Talk Butts campaign and Marine Way, which focus on tackling cigarette butt litter and ghost fishing gear. In her spare time, Lisa can be found volunteering with Canadian Youth Biodiversity Network, Canadian Wildlife Federation, Ocean Wise, and other environmental organizations.


Chris Kallick

Running a small plant nursery, Chris primarily sells berry plants and fruit trees, offering yard to food conversion as service locally and via consultation. Most recently, Chris and his company obtained more land and have started testing a small scale affordable CSA.


Small Business Owner

His experience throughout the process led him to realizing how naturally gardening came to him, both as a skill and a hobby. More specifically, plant propagation and teaching others to be sustainable themselves. His goal is to help more people  learn how to be more sustainable in everything they do in life.


Josh Dewitt

Josh has a background in Environmental Biology, and works for the Canadian Wildlife Federation as a Youth Leadership Specialist for the WILD Outside program. He loves to spend his free time hiking, fishing, and camping.

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The Canadian Wildlife Federation

He also loves to travel and has traveled around the country and other parts of the world to pursue his passion of wildlife photography, as well as for service work. When he's not doing that, he loves to create art!