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5 Days of Virtual  

Over the course of our virtual fellowship (August 21st-25th), participants will work in teams of 3-4 to:

  1. Thoroughly research an environmental issue that impacts health in one Canadian Indigenous community.

  2. Write a formal report on the environmental issue chosen, including:

    • ​A description of the environmental issue and Indigenous community chosen.

    • How this environmental challenge affects the chosen Indigenous community and how they have adapted to it or shown resiliency (ie: use a strength based approach).


Throughout the five days of this fellowship, you will have an opportunity to attend virtual workshops to learn more about some of the Indigenous communities in Canada, including their histories and backgrounds. As well, you will have an opportunity to learn more about good citation practices, report writing skills as well as basic research ethics. These workshops will be led by professors and/or Indigenous community members (honorariums provided to all workshop guest speakers).

Giving a Presentation
Experts Panel

Indigenous Community Members' Interviews 

Our team has interviewed ten Indigenous community members (including students, professors and businesses) to hear their personal and lived experiences regarding environmental issues they (or someone they know) have faced and how those have had an impact on health and well-being. To contextualize some of the research you conduct, these interviews will be compiled into several videos and played during the virtual programming days (consent obtained from individuals in these videos and honarariums provided to all interviewees).

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